This will forever remain unfinished, and revisions will also be regular. It is a perfect example of art emulating life; growing and changing affect the past and present, eventually affecting the future - a perpetual cycle.

In some ways, this is a continuation of my novella, "The Elephant." The elephant metaphor, which, as you probably guessed, was the story's focal point, acted as a tether for the protagonist to journey into various worlds and lifetimes. That is not the case here. Though each follows the same protagonist and thus has some semblance of a memoir, “The 3 Words” is perhaps more linear. Tucked neatly into these fragmented, almost journal-like entries lie the main character's stories as he desperately seeks to understand the loss of a loved one, his soulmate, due to illness. He simultaneously grapples with ideas and concepts of mortality and the inherent fragility of life and love.

Perhaps I have steered your thoughts so as to lead you down a particular path before you even begin untangling this.

Yet I have revealed only partial hints - there is much to unravel if one chooses.

There are strings connecting these words; linearity, the intimacy of lovers found within the gentle sounds of vowels.

I invite you to take each part individually and piece them together as you see fit.

Fill the narrative you are already seeking, then create a coherent whole.

See each sentence as a single journey and nothing more.