I did not know what time it was when I awoke, but this did not matter. I rose and went outside to her, to the old maple. The grass underfoot was damp with dew.

I've been waiting, the old mape said

I know, I replied. I let my body tell me when it was ready.

I stripped and stood bare in front of her. I felt no shame.

Come, she said.

She lowered one of her ancient branches and placed it on my lips.

Drink, she said; this will prepare you for the energy and knowledge I will give you.

The liquid was cool and sweet.

She said, what within you circles in upon itself?

I did not reply. I just stood almost entirely still, gently shifting the cool grass underfoot.

I do not understand, I replied.

When waves finally crash upon the shore, they fold inward. So much is working in unison at this time. So many forces, a sacred push, and pull. It is a divine dance of creation and destruction, a circle. It is endless."

I stood still. It was only then that I felt the chill in the air. I shivered

I… I began to say, but no words followed.

My body slumped; it folded and fell. Her branches tucked under my naked being gently guided me to the ground. The earth was no longer cold, no longer damp from the dew.

I felt the vibration of a million fingers underneath my body pulsating. I heard words I could not understand. They were soothing words, words that sounded like a song.