We could all gather and write sacred poetry at night using our single, unique words. There would be no judgment; the secret of each person's word holds no potential for critique. The universal concepts and terms of love and fear are spoken, of course, and wrapped around this poetry, neatly wound within the fibers of love and fear, is our uncommon word, the singular phrase, the definition for which only we know.

A gentle breeze arrives, then departs without even a trace. It is unlike the wind causing the maple across the street to dance wildly. Instead, the tree is losing itself, and the wind is helping.

Perhaps it is the invisible hand of God that pulls the strings of the maple tree.

Maybe it is an angry god. A God that cannot stand the beauty that they have created.

Perhaps they are at a loss for words to describe their creation; a god who never predicted this, never understood the forces that might act together, might exist in unison.

The wild tree freed itself in the wind. The wind gives itself away to the tree. The two combine in tumultuous harmony never before seen.

Any creator would become speechless.

so what now? Just a tone

no words would come forth

how could they

God would speak in tones like us

like humans

God has three words

just as they gave their creations three words

one for love

one for fear

and one just for us - one for each being

a secret word that holds every meaning that is beyond all words

it contains everything that lacks description

like the tree with its wild branches

maybe that tree would be a fantastic combination of all three sounds

a blend of love, fear

and a word summarizing everything

a word that genuinely holds everything

everything that is without reach

everything that is beyond all

all that is all

is all


The maple, however, only dances in the daylight. At night, It sends its sacred movements to the earth, down to its roots. With dusk's arrival, the rustling branches become quiet and still. Down, down, down, the energy goes.

The roots tremble. They curl up and then spread outwards under the grass coverage, under the pavement, bypassing the foundations of houses, pushing and extending outwards - forever beyond.

In this place that humans will never truly understand, their roots mingle and drape over one another's. Under the earth, their arms are striving and desirous. During the day, they show the world their leaves and branches and the beautiful intricacies they have housed within their leaves and bark. At night, they pull their energy inward and down into the earth. There, they entwine themselves in an energetic orgy.

the maple was old

it was no longer a tree that danced wildly in the light of day

it was old and tired

having spread too far

it had reached out with those sacred branches far into the vastness

the expansive journey that all trees embark upon

both with stems and roots

to the worlds above

to the worlds below

I reached out once and put my hand on the old maple's face -

on her face

I could feel her tiredness

she had learned all she could

then took the knowledge and passed it onward

spreading it through the pathways

letting it move to the other trees

and in turn, they sent it out to other trees

the great passage of knowledge

I could feel her exhaustion

to what dept

does their knowledge pass

humans will not understand this -

not yet

not yet, at least

we are not ready

the tree no longer danced in the wind

the breeze no longer moved her

when I reached out and placed my hand upon her sacred body

I asked

why are you not dancing

why are you not dancing like your brothers

why are you not dancing like your sisters

to which she replied

they are dancing because of the knowledge I have given them

they are dancing because of the visions I have given them

let me be now

let me be now

she kept repeating

come to me every night

every night you will rest here on the earth

you will strip

allowing your naked body to press to the ground

I will use the last of my energy

the last I have

to give you the knowledge and visions

i stood

i had no words

my mind filled with every question I could not ask

every desire I wanted her to fulfill

come to me

rest upon the cool earth of night

and take this energy I want to pass on to you

then I will leave